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Police Impound Towing Services

Towing for a local or state municipality is a very important job because it supports critical functions performed by law enforcement professionals.  Police departments, in conjunction with their contract towing companies, are responsible for ensuring public safety, maintaining clear thoroughfares, and assisting accident victims.  In Southeast Michigan, providing these services is particularly challenging because of hazardous roadway conditions caused by ice, snow, sleet and rain.

Star Towing has been a contract towing company for the City of Monroe for over 20 years.  We bring a powerful combination of experience, equipment, reliability and professionalism to the police departments we serve.  Star Towing understands that municipalities need reliable and efficient towing services to support them in their important community work.  This is why we’ve structured our company and resources to provide the very best in:

  • Speed.  Our response time is tracked for every police call we receive and we are proud to say that we average less than 8 minutes from call receipt to on-site arrival.

  • Roadside Efficiency.  Having the best equipment is a key component to effectively assisting officers who are trying to clear the roadway and ensure the safety of other motorists.  Star Towing’s fleet includes everything from small and nimble wreckers to flat-beds to trucks with cranes that can retrieve cars from any angle.

  • Storage and Release.   Our storage facilities are safe, secure, clean and well-run.  We also have the ability to store vehicles inside when necessary to properly protect them, or preserve important evidence for a case working through the court system.  Similarly, our release procedures are designed to protect the property of community members, while ensuring fast and efficient service.

  • Accurate Record Keeping.  Star Towing has invested in the very best record keeping and inventory tracking technology, including a peg system for automobile key access.

  • Auctions.  Our auctions are held on-time and include only those vehicles where proper notification has been provided in compliance with state and local law.

Trust Our Experienced Municipal Towing Experts

Star Towing is committed to providing the very best in police towing, recovery storage.  If your city is in search of a proven contract tow company, contact us at Star Towing today at (734) 241-3601 or at customerservice@startowmi.com.

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Police Impound