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Private Property Impound and Booting

If you are a business owner, you understand the importance of having parking lot space available for your valued customers. More than ever, patrons want convenience when they shop, dine, and attend events. When non-patrons park in your lot, they take up valuable real estate and reduce the number of customers who are ready to spend money at your business. In many cases, it becomes necessary to tow or boot automobiles that are illegal parked on your premises. Star Towing is the preferred provider of private property impound services in Southeast Michigan. Things to Consider When Towing or Booting Illegal Parkers It would be easy if towing illegally parked cars was the end of the story. However, as a business owner, you don’t want to anger current or potential future customers who may have made a mistake. And you certainly don’t want to create bad will in the community in which you do business. These are the reasons why we work with our customers to implement a program that protects valuable lot space while also reducing the unhappiness experienced by those whose vehicles are towed or booted. Star Towing’s effective and efficient private property impound services include:

  • Assisting business owners with developing a specific plan for protecting their lot space. We help you determine where and when enforcement is necessary, how security and liability factor into your plan, and how to make the process the least confrontational as possible.

  • Clearly designating protected parking areas with providing more than sufficient notice to violators. Often times this involves creating easy to read signs (e.g. lighted) that spell out the times during which parking is restricted, the consequences of ignoring the warning, and contact information for how to retrieve their car (or have a boot removed).

  • Secure storage of towed vehicles with fast and efficient release, as well as accurate recording of violations and services performed.

Whether you are a small business trying to maximize revenues or a governmental entity short on parking spaces, contact our experienced private property impound company today. We work with customers across Southeast Michigan including Monroe, Romulus, Taylor, Wayne and Belleville. Please call our office at (734) 241-3601 or email us at customerservice@startowmi.com.

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Private Property Impound