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Vehicle Move-over for Resurfacing Projects

Multi-unit housing and commercial resurfacing projects present unique challenges to paving contractors.  Whether the customer is an apartment complex, hotel, airport or other busy establishment, property owners want the least amount of disruption possible.  Therefore, paving contractors are left to not only coordinate equipment, manpower and materials, but they also must plan for weather and work within property management deadlines.  The project becomes even more challenging when vehicles are in the work zone.

That’s where Star Towing can help.  We are experts in resurfacing project move-overs, and have worked with dozens of contractors throughout the Metro-Detroit area.  Paving companies trust us to ensure parking lots are clear so they can do their work efficiently, but also appreciate that we bring additional benefits to each project, including:

  • The right equipment.  Our fleet of over 20 trucks makes us capable of moving large and small vehicles as well as those that may be damaged or located in tight spaces.

  • Speed.  Not only do we show up on time, but we also bring a superior training and equipment to complete move-overs quickly and efficiently.

  • Damage reduction.  Our experience in moving vehicles reduces the chance that a vehicle will sustain damage and increase the cost of the project to the property owner.

  • Excellent attitude.  Our drivers understand the challenges paving contractors face, especially in large projects, and take a partnership approach to working with all members of your team.

  • Flexibility.  Because we are large and open 24/7/365, we typically can work on very short notice or set aside time to be available if needed.

If you have been hired to complete asphalt, concrete or other parking lot paving project, contact the vehicle move-over experts at Star Towing today at (734) 241-3601 or via email at customerservice@startowmi.com. We move vehicles for paving companies across Southeast Michigan, including projects located in Woodhaven, Wyandotte, Monroe, Romulus, Detroit, and Gross Ile.

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Resurfacing Projects