Our SUV went off the road while we were visiting Michigan over the holidays and we called Star Towing for help.  Their response time was excellent and the driver didn’t hesitate a minute to hook up our ride and pull us out, even though other cars were spinning out in the same area.  Appreciate the help, money well spent.

Matt S.

I have them on speed dial for any issue I run into on the road.  They are knowledgeable and friendly, with good tow rates.

Aaron L.

Great service from a great company.  Even with the bad snow on this day, they kept me updated and informed on when they would be there.  Brian, You Rock!

Lori L.

I was driving through Monroe a couple months ago in August with a van full of kids and had a tire blow out on the highway. The truck found us quickly safely fit us all in it and the tow truck and took us to repair shop. The driver was one of the nicest guys I have ever met. He was so selfless he graciously refused the tip I was trying to give him. All around great guy working for a company that I received great service from!

Bridget B.